Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Meeting the need!

With only 3 or 4 shoping days left, I thought some of you more desperate gift buyers might like some inspiration for unique gifts, that won't break the bank!
How about this stylish but homely tea pot, by Taena Pottery, for a tea drinker? Just right for 1 or 2 mugs!
Or this tiny original painting by Trudi Hayden? Give them a White Christmas for all the years to come!
Or perhaps you know a stylish man, who (like so many men!) is difficult to buy for? These sparklingly discreet cuff links may be the answer. This is just a glimpse of Fran Harding's hand made glass jewellery range.
Men often like to have somewhere to empty their pockets of all the 'stuff' we women keep in handbags, a fellow craftsman would perhaps like this? Or it would make a fine fruit bowl for a single person, perhaps. John Jacques, our wood turner, has a range of bowls, clocks & barometers, which are popular with our male customers. Not to mention earring stands, pendant watches and other goodies for ladies, too!
Thes little dishes by Tara Davidson would serve a similar purpose, for men or women - we all have little 'bits' that need to be kept somewhere safe! Single earrings, paperclips, etc, or they would be ideal for all those 'nibbles' at parties.
We have, of course, many makers of costume jewellery to choose from, this is a kniited and beaded silver wire heart, by Kate Michelle Jewellery - and she does classes in knitting wire jewellery, so if you have a crafty person to buy for, perhaps booking a place on one of those would make their eyes light up?

Hope I've given you lots of ideas, to make your task less burden some!  A very happy Christmas, and a properous 2012 to all of you, from all of us!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Trudi Hayden, sharing the beauty under our noses!

I have lived in Gloucestershire for most of my life and have always felt a close connection to our woodlands and rolling hills and vales.
 Living in the lovely Cotswold village of Alderton, and walking with my dog up our beautiful hill, has inspired this love of the countryside to emerge in my paintings.  
I have attempted to recreate some of the local scenes that often stop me in my tracks, to share the moment with others.
I exhibit all around the Cotswolds, and in Bath and Bristol, and am actively involved in the local Arts.  My work is in collections overseas and all over the UK.
My paintings and prints are currently available at:
ByLocal, Regents Arcade, Cheltenham
The Gloucestershire Art & Crafts Centre, Gloucester
Cube Retail, Cathedral Plaza, Worcester
Picturesque Art Gallery, Bourton on the Water
Picturesque Galleries, Bidford-on-Avon & Dumbleton
The Gardeners Arms, Alderton, Glos
Large installation for viewing only at:
Dumbleton Hall Hotel, Dumbleton

Trudi Hayden :- Tel:  0777 6441203