Monday, 21 May 2012

DIY at By Local

Many of our customers at By Local appreciate our offerings because they are crafters themselves, which gives them an insight into the work and skills that have gone into each item.  This knowledge also gives them an understanding of how important it is to get children & young people well acquainted with the benefits of creativity, and we have several opportunities in the shop for both children and adults to 'DIY'!
Eunice, in particular, has some delightful kits, all made out of felt and easy for a beginner stitcher. She has variations on this hedgehog kit, including this Jubilee tiggywinkle, for anyone who wants to make one over the next couple of weeks!
This little chap also comes in a darker variation.
 Eunice also has a kit to make this magnificent Emperor penguin.

 These kits come packaged in sturdy, square cardboard boxes, so make excellent presents to post.
 Also available from Eunice are her Owl kits, which are in a more light weight package, should you want to post it somewhere more expensive.

 When made up, these little owls are pocket sized friends for little people to take anywhere!
Eunice plans to make a kit for the little sofa, too, so you can make a cosy seat, not just for your owls, but for little dolls and bears, too.
Talking of bears, there is also a kit, by Michele, to make a tiny, jointed bear like this, in a variety of fabrics.  In addition to kits, for the less confident, several of our exhibitors run workshops. You can make pots with Tara . . . 
Or baskets with Helen . . . . . 
Inspired? Call into the shoop, and see what we can offer to get you creating your own treasures and heirlooms!  To whet your appetite, here's a bear made from a kit . . . 

What tempts you?!