Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Quick! Before it's gone!

Here at By Local we operate in 6 week sessions, so that new sellers can have a trial to see if we work for them, and so regulars can have a break. The current 6 week session ends next weekend, the 19th of February, and 2 of our exhibitors are leaving us for a while, so if you like their work, grab it while you can, because we don't know when they'll be back!
Sue Tiedeman will be leaving us for awhile, so if you like her work, grab it while you can!

Also leaving us for a time is Sharon, with her wonderful range of 'Herbylicious' soaps, creams, scrubs etc. Her Eczema cream is very effective - I can vouch for that personally! She also has a wide range of herbal remedies, all rooted in a long history of herbal medecine.

They may be back with us later, but nothing is certain in this life, so come in and ensure your supplies before Sunday 19th February!

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