Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Settling into the new shop

Ten days since we moved into the old 'High & Mighty' shop in the Regent Arcade, we seem to be going from strength to strength!  The improved footfall of customers at the popular end of the upsrairs gallery of the arcade has brought in lots of new faces, and seen some returning faces who missed us after we moved to the big shop by Butlers cafe, and they all seem to like what they find!

The new shop is, of course, much smaller, but is much brighter, and the long window frontage, which means passers by can see the whole shop, is a great invitation to browsers.  The reduced space has also made all exhibtors think differently about what to display, which I think has resulted in a much improved, high quality choice.  Behind the large shop there was a similarly large space for storage etc, and an exclusive-to-us toilet, plus quite a nice kitchen - these facilities have similarly shrunk, and some of us are struggling to come to terms with it!  We were certainly spoilt for space, before, but a little healthy discipline will be good for us in the long run.

The current exhibitors include some great new ones, who were previously to be found at Gloucester Arts & Crafts Centre, on the Docks. Now this has (temporarily) closed, we are benefiting, and I hope they will stay, as their work is great. Sarah Eweing, for instance, does dramatic abstracts, in jewel-bright colours, ideal to cheer you up as the nights close in.  Kath Cooper is a potter who makes tiny little delights, from themed badges (I was given a lovely 'Love to Knit' badge) to earrings, to . . . . all sorts! do come and see.  For those with small people who need keeping warm this winter, Amanda is back with her delightful baby hats - I plan to get some for my grandchildren for Christmas.

As soon as I can get someone to put pen to paper, I hope to have regular contributions from exhibitors, so let us know what you want to hear about.

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