Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Rosie Lomberg freelance artist!

My work is inspired by the interweaving forms and sculptural patterns of the wild plants, specifically those in my locality. The local landscape is of great significance to my work as, recorded within the walks on hills and in valleys, are the memories of every stage of my life to date.

More recent work is also concerned with the sculptural forms of the plants that inhabit our kerbsides and pavements, in an attempt to give focus on and appreciation for nature’s ability to grow beauty even against the harshest concrete backdrop. Every time I see a plant breaking through the paving slabs of a built up area it makes me smile and feel oddly reassured.

I have also ventured into painting flowers, as opposed to seed heads, but the majority of the focus is still on the leaves and the patterns of layering in colour and form, rather than a ‘pretty’ flower. The petals serve as a contrast, with their flashes of colour. The intention is never to paint the flower really; it is more an excuse to then fill the painting with all of the leaves, which really fascinate me.

The eyes are an extension of the brain and in painting to show you how they see, an artist also reveals how they think. This makes the process as much an exploration of themselves as of the subject matter, and in a way I have grown to see my works as self-portraits- Rosie Lomberg 2009

I work in Acrylic and watercolour pencil on board & use a lot of water, layering thin layers of colour over a dark base to create depth. My secret is to use MDF which absorbs the water and leaves a delicate matt layer.

I studied my foundation art at Gloscat in Gloucester and my Degree in the University of Gloucestershire.

I co-manage the By Local shop in Regent Arcade with local textile and jewellery artist Keziah Kurg. This provides an affordable outlet for Gloucestershire based artists to sell their work, meet the customers and comfortably network with other local artists.

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