Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The colours of inspiration

Annie Rowcraft was born and brought up in Great Yarmouth, but left when she first married at the age of 20.  She moved to the west of England in the mid 70s, with her 2nd husband, Pete, when his work took him him in this direction, along with her son and her 2 stepchildren from Pete's 1st marriage.

 Over the years Annie has worked in a wide variety of fields, fitting it around her family, and resulting in a broad spectrum of skills - for instance, when she was young she worked in a large printing company, which has given her an above average understanding of what is required to print her work well. 

She didn't start painting till 2000, when she joined an art club, and took classes in watercolour painting,  Watercolours didn't really suit her style, and she moved on to oils, then, being impatient for the work to dry, onto acrylics!

Annie is inspired by colour, and nature, and combines the two inspirations to produce atmospheric work, reflecting her changing moods, and those of the season.

She started exhibiting in cafes in Wells & Bishops Cleeve in 2005, then at the Open Air Exhibition in Cheltenham in 2007. She was an instant hit in Cheltenham, being voted 'Artist of the Week' in her first week!  Today, she mostly exhibits at By Local and the Gloucester Arts & Crafts Centre, at 4 College Street, Gloucester.

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