Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tara Davidson - Lace & Clay combined!

I love to reflect the feminine beauty of lace and other fabrics in my love of ceramics.  Creating something unique, timeless, and elegant. 
Some of my pieces incorporate patterns from lace heirlooms passed down through generations of my family. 

Other fabrics come from searching through forgotten corners of French antique shops, English country fayres, and flea markets in Africa.
 I’m always amazed how each piece turns out to be so individual even though I might use the same lace time and again.
I love to do commissions so if there is an old piece of lace that you love and would like to use but can't because it's damaged or stained, then why not let me make something special from it - it won't damage the lace at all! It makes a very special gift.

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I also sell in Made in Stroud http://madeinstroud.co.uk/